Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Some photos from my short trip to Córdoba

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Hey everyone, I just got back from an amazing five days in Córdoba (and half a day on the coast of Sucre). I didn't take as many pictures as I would have liked because most of the time I left my camera by accident at a friend's house. Some friends of mine took photos as well, but who knows how long I will have to wait until I see them and post them here. These are some of the photos that I do have; five incredible days of pure humidity, dancing, 39
°C/102°F of windless heat, beautiful women, delicious food in Montería and Coveñas. Enjoy (more photos of the actually city and places I visited will be posted in the upcoming days...I hope):

No hiking, no camping and no cold weather means super small pack. I will never understand why travelers going from hostel to hostel (i.e. not actually camping nor climbing mountains just getting drunk with other foreigners in the hostel) carry huge 90 liter backpacks as well as another backpack in front. How many pair of pants and shirts does one actually need on a trip? This is not rhetorical I seriously would like to know.

With several friends I had met the first night.

Dancing with a friend (I honestly don't remember which dance style; most likely reggaeton)

Dancing with the beautiful Ebelin Victoria

Dancing "porro" which is by far my favorite dance.

She missed and as a result I smelt like aguardiente the entire night. Man I hate that stuff.

An idea of what central Montería looks like. More and better photos as soon as my friends send them my way.

My birthday present to Ebelin's mother. Come to think about it this is exactly what I want for my birthday and right this minute :)

Presenting my present while singing happy birthday to my "Cordobesa mother"

I am addicted to porro (the dance not ganja*). I now have the sombrero vueltiao ( but before I did I felt naked dancing porro without it.

*In certain parts of Latin America including Spain porro means " join" or "ganja" but in most of the Colombian departments, especially the coast, porro is a type of music similar to cumbia. Still lost? I'll explain later.

Some friends from below

In Coveñas with Ebelin.

I didn't have a swimsuit so I just swam in my boxers. Funny story, maybe I'll tell you sometime.

Coveñas, Sucre, Colombia


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I wasn't quick enough, I didn't grab my camera in time! I saw a cat walk under the table and I knew Ebelin was going to freak out as a cat gropes her leg. Oh well, didn't capture the moment digitally but it was very funny in person.

This is where I slept every night. The blaring morning sun and a good 39°C/102°F with strong humidity in Montería.

My last night with Ebelin and Montería :(

Enjoying in the evening heat of Montería two hours before I caught the last bus to Medellín. Although 8:30pm it was a good 30°C/91°F.

Just about to leave and quickly saying goodbye to good friends I had met in this lovely region of Colombia.

I cannot wait to go back. Córdoba is a very special place for me.

-Kevin Post

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