Monday, February 1, 2010


Me in my youth (Photo by Maxwell Hartley)

This blog is under construction until further notice in order to reorganize my thoughts on what I would like to achieve with this blog of mine. I will be taking a course on travel blogging through Travel Blog Success over the next few weeks in order to improve what I would like to express and present to the world in a very positive way through my writing (which I will improve upon with time). I am also currently looking for an affordable photography course here in Medellín so that I might learn how to do the places I visit justice while still leaving those places a mystery to the reader through my photos.

Writing for and maintaining a blog takes a lot of time and effort, and although I know very little about maintaining a travel blog it has been a lot of work for me; nevertheless, I haven't made a single cent from it. I'll be honest, I could greatly use some money right now to pay for my classes and living expenses here in Medellín, Colombia.

My perception on travel writing has changed quite a bit over the past few weeks and I've seen how much of a positive impact it can have on my travels as well as the economies of the places less traveled. I greatly look forward to sharing a portion of my life story on my upcoming website and if it pays the bills even better!

In the meantime, to read my previous posts CLICK HERE. I am also going to write some contributing blog entries for Go Backpacking in order to get my name out there in the backpacking communities across the globe.

Thanks everyone (especially my mom for reading)! Have fun and keep in touch.


-Kevin M. Post


  1. Kevin -

    Really glad that I'll finally be able to feature some of your stories on Go Backpacking, and I'd love to work with you in Travel Blog Success. There are already a lot of people getting fast, direct answers to questions they've clearly had on their mind.

    I think you could learn a lot in very little time.

  2. Thanks Dave, I greatly look forward to working with you in Travel Blog Success (I love the site by the way) as well as contributing to Go Backpacking (thanks so much for the opportunity).

    Have a good one! A bro hug from the tropical mountains of Antioquia.


    -Kevin Post