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Best of My Photos July 2009 (Couchsurfing)

I don't take too many photos on a day to day basis but the ones that I do take are fun (to some degree with a strange sense of humor). Sorry for not posting beautiful scenery, nice shots of Colombian architecture, me doing outdoor activities or any other shots that will make you say, "WOW!". Nevertheless, enjoy! Note: ALL of these photos are activities with Couchsurfers of Colombia (Armenia and Ibagué). Also, keep in mind that I am NOT a professional photographer and don't claim to be, so be easy on the criticisms ;)

P.S. These photos (and more that I am unable to publish on this blog due to "moonage" and "gooch" because it could upset the advertisers on the blog) can also be found on my couchsurfing page. Mom, Dad, and family I hope that you guys are still proud of me after seeing these photos and are able to share them with strangers NO problem.

JULY 2009 (ordered chronologically):

Armenia, Quindío, Colombia (Armenia is a city in West-Central Colombia; I am not talking about the Eurasian country which borders Turkey, Azerbaijan, Iran and Georgia...NO NOT THE STATE!!!).

Shot of some Couchsurfers and friends in Armenia, Colombia.

This made me laugh so hard. My host Camilo gave me no explanation as to why there were random English words and phrases (sometimes spelled incorrectly and/or all around incorrect) written in permanent marker on his shower.

These next three photos don't make sense on their own, they need to been seen in a sequence in order to make (somewhat) sense as to what we were doing. P.S. I hadn't slept in nearly two days when this photo was taken; everything was silly.

I LOVE the contrast!

Now, I am no photographer and I wouldn't consider this portfolio worthy by any means. I just like how it turned out. Juanita and the girls having a good time.

Being "emo" in Armenia. It was funny at the time I swear...

These next five photos, although creepy, are quite good. Mom and Dad, you should be proud! I call it the "La conclusión de mi finde en Armenia" Collection ("The conclusion of my weekend in Armenia" Collection).

These next photos show the dangers of smoking and looking "bacano" (cool). Here are the stages of nicotine addiction (feel free to post these in your local Nicotine Addiction Recovery Groups):


Ibagué , Tolima, Colombia

CSI (Couch Surfing Ibagué)!!!

No comment.

This one definitely needs an explanation. You see, I don't drink alcohol (except for some red wine on very special occasions) so I thought that I could substitute beer for tea. However, the only tea available was strawberry tea; man did I feel like a sissy man.

How to be sophisticated and drunk at the same time!

Someone told me that I looked like one of the characters on the 1984 film "The Karate Kid"; I have no idea what they are talking about.

This is how I ward off bears (and beautiful Colombian women).

One of the few regular photos taken of me during my two days in Ibagué.

I took a shot of aguardiente because of pier pressure by CSI. I don't know how or why you guys like this stuff, honestly. Note: I was the wealthiest person there, with the exception of Paul, because I didn't pay for nor consume alcohol.

This is what sober is (imagine if I did drink).

No comment.

CSI (when everyone started feeling those drinks).

The drinks get stronger...

I don't quite remember what we were doing the moment this photo was taken. I guess we were excited to see so much liquor at once (three days with a total of five hours of sleep in Ibagué).

I don't need to drink, look what I do while sober with sleep deprivation!

I was representing...Michigan?

Gotta love the checkered scarf all white long sleeve shirt with flute in hand combo!

Mom, Dad, this is all that I had learned while in the Middle East.

I don't know if you've read up on your South American history lately, but this is Simon Bolívar. He is the man who led his army to victory defeating the Spaniards liberating what is present day Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador and Panama; the guy is without a doubt a true hero in these parts. Anyway, my drunk friends thought it would be good idea to climb his statue outside the capital building at 4A.M.

Seconds after this photo was taken two men with knives ran behind two guys relatively close to us and robbed everything they had right in front of our eyes (while physically beating them). We ran with the guitar and camera but our poor helpless drunk friends were stuck on top of the statue. Luckily, the thieves couldn't reach our dear Ibagué friends due to the height of the statue and probably because our friend's pants were down (if you would like to see some "moon" pictures as well as others from this night click here:

Thanks for taking the time to look and read about the Best of My Photos for July 2009 Couchsurfing Edition. I hope that I have inspired you to join Couchsurfing as well as visit Armenia and Ibagué.

More photos to come (that goes without saying).

Take care, until next time.


-Kevin Post

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