Monday, September 14, 2009

Photos from PIC-"Kevin"-NIC in Bogotá

First I would like to thank Luis Betancourt for being an awesome Couchsurfing ambassador & organizing the longest picnic in Bogotá's history in my honor. Secondly I would like to thank David Florez for being one of the photographers (all of the current photos are from his camera). There are more photos to come but for now I cannot access the photos because I am not a member of Facebook (yes, the "...then you don't exist" or "now we can't be friends" jokes NEVER get old :P). I am sure that there are millions of photos I haven't seen because I haven't given in to this "phenomenon". I am getting off topic; my reason for not having a Facebook account is a long story. I will post the rest of the photos a.s.a.p. (keep checking back)!

For more information on how the picnic went and what you missed out on, join Couchsurfing and check out the posting made in the CS BOGOTA group:

The best thing about Photo blogs? NO READING! Jaja. Actually I greatly enjoy reading (I am almost finished with "The Bookseller of Kabul" by Åsne Seierstad and it is a great read; I can't put it down...but more on that later!).

Without further wasting your time, here it is! The photo journal of the "Pic-Kevin-Nic" in Parque El Virrey in Bogotá:

Not only did the hat protect my delicate or dare I say, "elegant" skin from the sun's harmful UVA and UVB rays, it also gave my saz (bağlama) jam session that special touch. The checkered Middle Eastern scarf (this particular one from Iraqi-KRG) also adds to the "feel". You know exactly what I am talking about:

It goes without saying that Vibram Five Fingers are always a hit with the locals. Ever feel lonely in a foreign country? Just buy a pair of these bad boys and you will have an endless supply of locals asking, "Where are your shoes?" or "What the hell are those?" It is a great conversation starter (hurry and buy them before Walmart makes a knockoff and everyone has them). I am currently writing a gear review on Vibram Five Fingers which I'll post as soon as I buy batteries for my camera and take some pictures of these chick magnets in action!

Candid shots:

I love the "I'm passed out drunk" photos (I can assure you that there are more to come):

Group shots:

Normal shot:

Bored shot:

We tried to keep the bored face but failed horribly:

This is the "excitement" face; who knew that excitement could look so creepy and disastrous:

Although this is a candid group shot, this is one of my favorite photos of me. It is rare that I look this "cool" in a candid photo:

You can take the man out of Florida but you can't take the Florida out of the man. I can honestly say that I was cold in these two pictures (tisk tisk notice I am the only person in Bogotá without a jacket):

I don't remember why my hands were in the air or why I had this expression on my face. I was probably speaking in a very Paísa manner (a north western Colombian dialect) about how I wanted more cheap red wine or observing that NOBODY had any chap stick!...or something along those lines. Nevertheless, I look like I am 12 years old in this photo:

Salud (cheers)!!!

Dis jus me bein me man; in other words I know how to rock the fashion:

Yes, wine does have an effect on people. You'll know as soon as the gringo reggaetonero comes out to play (I am sorry but their isn't a good translation for gringo reggaetonero...ask a Latino friend to explain):

I am literally begging for more wine in this photo hahahah!

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More photos to come regarding this wonderful picnic! Keep checking back! Much love, I have three blogs coming up either tonight or tomorrow.

-Kevin Post

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