Saturday, November 28, 2009

Cooking in Bogotá flashback from September 2009

I recently arrived in Orlando from Bogotá to spend 16 days with friends and family (basically the same thing right?). I have photos on the way from my crazy - in a fun kind of way - five days in Bogotá; for now all I can offer are some photos I had never seen from the last time I was in Bogotá to renew my student visa (September 2009). I hope to receive the more recent photos shortly.

The first few times I went to Bogotá I didn't care for it too much, but now I love the place and I have more fun each and every time.

(click to enlarge photos)

Lost photo of the PIC-KEVIN-NIC NÚMERO I in September 2009. The end result of our several hour long picnic. We took many photos like this and I am still waiting for them.

I prepared a feast of pita bread, hummus, baba ganoush, tabouleh, and a potato-spinach casserole with several couchsurfing friends in northern Bogotá September 2009. In the middle of cooking several dishes at the same time, Diana (the hostess) mentioned to me that she can't/will not eat onion nor garlic which were the primary ingredients of everything I was making. I had to improvise and create separate dishes which had no onion nor garlic. Nevertheless, my dinner was a success.

I am an amazing boyfriend, not only am I sweet and fun I am a good cook and I clean up after myself :)

Pride after a long good dinner.



-Kevin Post

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