Friday, November 20, 2009

More photos of my five days in Montería, Córdoba, Colombia

Hey everyone, some photos finally sent to me by my friends from Córdoba. These photos aren't spectacular but they mean a lot to me; I made some amazing friends there :)

Me next to the Río Sinú. Due to the lack of rainfall the water was quite low. I saw many bridges calling my name to jump off of them...maybe next time (when the water level is higher and when I have health insurance).

I left my camera at a friend's house so camera phone photos had to do. Me on the Río Sinú.

I love these people.

One downside to Montería are the abundance of iguanas. Don't get me wrong, they're cool until you step in their droppings every fine minutes. Nah, even then they're still cool.

Ebelín and I sleeping in a van from Coveñas to Montería.


-Kevin Post

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