Friday, December 18, 2009

Help Ara while he crosses the United States of America

I am writing this post because a very good friend of mine Ara Sarafian lost everything he had except for the clothes on his back. Here is what he wrote me in an e-mail:

I had my big backpack mysteriously disappear from the back of a mini-van in Guatemala a few days ago. My gf, the driver and his assistant were all confused what the hell happened. We watched it be tied on securely, and were watching out during the ride, but when we arrived it wasn't there. We drove back an hour or so to check the whole route for a fallen backpack but found nothing. It sucks because I loved that backpack and it had pretty much my life of the last 2 years in there: tent, sleeping bag, mattress, all my clothes, etc...

Now if there is anything you can do to help this incredible person on his journey across the U.S. it is greatly appreciated. You can contact him through his website: The Life Less Travelled

On a side note, I have hosted hundreds of people through Couchsurfing and by other means and Ara was by far the best hosting experience I have ever had. Don't miss the opportunity to help him out.


-Kevin Post

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  1. Thank you so much for this, Kevin. I'm really touched. :)