Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Cooking in Bogotá November 2009 (wine, police, 3am picnic & good times in Bogotá)

As many of you know, I love to learn just about anything on how to better my life as well as the life of others. That is what I love about learning to cook: it's more economical than eating out, it brings people together, makes people happy, it nourishes, introduces new ideas, ethics and flavors, and is all about sharing. It has become a little tradition that I cook and organize a picnic in Parque El Virrey (Virrey Park) every time I visit Bogotá. Below here are some photos from PIC-KEVIN-NIC NÚMERO II:

I forgot to add that although my hostess in Bogotá is AMAZING!!!!! and I absolutely love her apartment and location she has carpeting but no vacuum cleaner and as you can imagine my allergies over the period of a few days began to RAGE havoc on my life! So NO, although my eyes are bloodshot red in these photos I am not high and I don't have conjunctivitis.

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I prepared pizza de pesto (pizza with pesto) which was a success hot or cold. It's easy but making the pesto from scratch without pine nuts proved to be a little challenging as well as a little expensive for Colombian standards (still well worth it!).

Ingredients: basil, olive oil, parmesan, pasteurized cheese (local cheese), tortilla, mozzarella and tomato. Optional is feta cheese in place of pasteurized cheese, preparing the pesto with pine nuts (recommended but incredibly expensive in Colombian supermarkets), and sun-dried tomatoes (also VERY expensive to obtain in Colombia).

I'm making this for my mom tomorrow evening :)

PIC-KEVIN-NIC NÚMERO II wasn't as successful as the first PIC-KEVIN-NIC only because I organized it on a Tuesday while most people were busy with exams or work. But I can always count on the Couchsurfing crew of Bogotá for a great time; they never disappoint.

We don't actually like each other all too much, we were just cold!

Playing "Cancion Del Mariachi" by Los Lobos on guitar which is always a hit with Latinos from México to Argentina at parties.

Parque El Virrey November 24, 2009.

Oh red wine... comment.
Finished "mooning" another camera, I am still looking for those photos!

Ladies, if you are interested in kissing me tickling is a HUGE hint...I'm not that naïve.

I completely forgot why I made that face.
Notice the red wine on my right shoulder.

I even had a band play at my picnic. I'm not gonna lie, my picnics are epic and last forever.

The hardcore picnic enthusiasts, we lasted until 4:30am! Speaking of which it is a funny story that ended with some crazy results at my hostess's apartment until 5am. A group of us walked to a supermarket open 24/7 to buy several boxes of cheap red wine and as a result we laughed a lot, peed on a warehouse door due to lack of public restroom, I ended up getting kissed by a rola (a girl from Bogotá), and us being taken to a police outpost for drinking in public at 3:30-4am. Turns out the police had no proof of us drinking in public because a friend of mine carefully ditched to open box in the trash with 007-like precision and he filmed the police officers while they interrogated us (again, Leo is 007). In the end, the police let us go, we go back to my hostess's apartment, drink more wine, I take a shower, drop a glass of wine on my foot while in the shower, and the rest from there is none of your business :)

I'd love to write more but I am falling asleep at the keyboard. I'm flying from Miami to Bogotá Saturday morning and I can't wait to be back in Colombia even though I am going to miss my friends and family in Florida A LOT. If I could bring my Floridian friends and family to Colombia permanently and make them love it as much as I do, Colombia would be heaven and a half for me.

Goodnight for now! Thanks to everyone for the photos (after hunting you down on facebook under a strange name).

-Kevin Post

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